Our Story

Our Story

1982, My father was also an entrepreneur and we had a clothing shop. I used to help my father in his business. He has always been my mentor and taught the various skills about being a business man. Although, I always wanted to do something of my own. As a child I was always fascinated by automobiles. I used o take great care of my cycle, and my father’s vehicles in School. With this thought in mind and hope in my heart I started my own car financing firm. Soon I got the opportunity to sell cars and that’s how RK Motorland was born in 1997.

Since the beginning I had only one motto that is to give my customers genuine, guaranteed and without accident quality cars. Today RK Motorland has grown into a very known showroom in the city of Ahmedabad. Today, We not only buy and sell cars but we also have car workshop, body shop, and we also provide services like Insurance, RTO, After sales services, Road side assistant and repair work to our customers.

I believe, the love and support from my valuable customers have made RK Motorland what it is now. My goal is to get better at what I do and thus I wish to provide better and better services to my customers in future.

KiranKumar Chouhan



Our Vision

We want to fulfill the demand of each and every person who wishes to own Exotic Super premium Cars. From the best German building, astonishing Italian plans, English custom and American works of art we have something for the sharp and eager Car enthusiasts. With legendary brands & diverse Car range under one roof to charm your intuition. Come experience the adrenaline rush in your soul with our phenomenal range of Cars!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best quality, genuine & Cars to our customers. We accelerate our customers to fulfill their dreams.


We believe that the customer’s need and interest always comes first and should be given maximum priority. Our exotic bike collection tempts you to choose something novel and distinct. Discover an unprecedented world of sportiness at RK MOTOLAND with one of the finest automotive luxury brands on offer. Let the soul choose the Dream Car.
  • The first is the safety of our customers.
  • We respect the time.
  • All customers are the same for us.
  • We believe in relationships.
  • The main things are we don't break the rules.
  • We are available in any circumstances.